Space Junk Essay

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Efecan Oral 11/11/15
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“Space Junk” Threat and Solution
We have been launching satellites for over 50 years now and like retired NASA senior scientist Donald Kessler said “We have lost control of the environment” already. As a result of the near 5000 launches of communication, weather forecast, television and navigation satellites since the start of the space age, result with the potentially damaging space debris that orbits Earth. Scientists estimate the total number of space debris objects in orbit to be around 29,000 for sizes larger than 10 centimeters, 670,000 larger than 1 centimeter and more than 170 million larger than 1 millimeter and like we learnt in the class as a result of their
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Two of them were general discussions of the space debris problem and one article from focused on “Clean Space One”. I already had some background information about space debris problem from the class but these articles gave me additional information about the subject. The article from NASA titled “Space Debris and Human Spacecraft” was highly scientific but understandable for a non-scientist reader. I believe the science that is included faithfully reported since it is from one of the biggest authorities on the field. The article explained well how NASA tracks the debris and maneuvers the spacecraft and debris if necessary. The article from Huffington Post is less scientific and addresses more to non-scientist readers relatively to the article of NASA. Due to that, I found article little bit general and lack of scientific details. It only gives a general idea and points out the current problem. The journalist would give more data and perhaps explained the problem to the people with figures or images. I can also say the same thing for the NASA’s article. Visuals would make the article more informative. In this regard, my third article, “Space Junk Cleanup Satellite Launching on Swiss Space Plane in 2018”, by Rob Coppinger was highly satisfactory. The journalist supported the ideas and information with videos and images. It helped me to understand how the satellite works
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