Population Control In The United States Population

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It is predicted that in 2045 the United States population will rise to 8 billion people and people will start to die. Slowly at first, but then more rapidly. Why one asks? Well the answer is in the first sentence, too many people. The United Nations has predicted that the United States will not have enough resources to support its citizens. How can the American people prevent this? The solution is population control.
Some people may think that it is an alienable right to have as many babies as they choose. Well that is what’s wrong with America; they allow people to have children that they can’t even take care of. Then these poor kids are starving to death, or being sent to foster homes. This could have been prevented if the children were not even born. Government data also shows that 41% of Americans do not have jobs. That is almost half of the American population, and by 2030, it is predicted that 55% of Americans will be without a job. Again they look for solutions for such a problem, but the answer is staring them right in the face, population control.
Some people don’t believe in population control because of their religion. For Muslims and Indonesians, they are not worried because they believe that God will provide everything a living creature needs in order to survive. They believe that not believing in this is a lack of faith in god. For any Muslim or Indonesian reading this, if this were true, then why are children in Africa starving to death and dying from loss
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