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Jenny He Ms. Carter MYP Humanities 8 23 September Population distribution & Density of United States As we all know, US is one of the most powerful country in the world. But today I will be talking about the population distribution of US. When you look at the world map, there are two countries has the similar sizes with US: Brazil and China. Compare to three of them, China has the highest population. Brazil has less people than China (Canadian Geographic Enterprises). US is having a moderate population. In China, the population distribution patterns are the southeast part has a dense population and in the northwest is having a sparse population. The population distribution patterns in eastern America is clustered, people are…show more content…
The climate in United States are really depends on its own latitude. Most of the region is warm and sub tropical, precipitation and groundwater are very rich. It’s conducive to the development of industrial and agricultural production, it’s very unique. Only the southern part of the Florida peninsula is tropical; California Alaska is located in north latitude 60 to 70 degrees, it’s the cold Arctic climate zone; Hawaii Prefecture is located in the south of the tropic of cancer and it’s a tropical area (Climate of the United States). The climate in US is very suitable place for people to live…show more content…
Once there are many people live in the same place. It will attract other people from different places. North America did not experience the population clusters until the European newcomers came to North America and settled along the coasts. This explains the current population clusters on the east coast(Nelson). Immigration is the major factor contributing to population distribution in US. For immigration, it has contributed 2.25 million people to the US’s population each year. During the time in 1881, immigration breakthrough half a million for the first time in American history. The immigrant people are all European immigrants, especially in the second half, there are people from southern and eastern Europe. At the time of 1924, the America government try to control the number of immigrants. There are too many immigrants in US. From 1925 to 1965, each year the immigrant’s policy only allowed 175,000 people in the country. Up to now, within three decades, the legal immigration in US has been tripled, from 300,000 to 900,000 each year. The earliest indigenous peoples of the North American continent were Indians. Europe (the earliest British) to the Americas to exile the criminals, and slowly began the process of migration to the North American. South plantation industry in the United States began to sell slaves; the north to build railways, trafficking in Asian workers. The Second World War

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