Population Growth Disadvantages

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Population education is a study programme designed to help people understand the nature, causes, and consequences of population events by analyzing population situations at family level, community, nation, and the world at large. In this perspective; a) Elucidate on how rapid population growth is affecting the quality of life by categorizing the repercussions in each of the following aspects; i) Economic life Economic development is closely correlated with urbanization. No country has ever reached high income levels with low urbanization thus rich countries are urban countries. Population growth increases density and, together with rural-urban migration, creates higher urban cluster. And this is critical for achieving sustained growth because…show more content…
Also, market enlargement, availability of cheap labour, economies of scale and specialisation, acceleration of technological progress, and the more promising attitudes, capacities, and incentives of younger populations compared with older ones are some of the advantages although we all know that high population growth creates pressures on limited natural resources, reduces private and public capital formation, and diverts accompaniments to capital resources to maintaining rather than increasing the stock of capital per…show more content…
It is our duty, all of us, to advocate for lower population growth. However agree with government taking measures to promote education because Africa lacks quality human resources as well as the technical know-how on taping the endowed resources. if we were highly educated( not just a few) we would go far in the development on Africa. so its better for the large population to be educated as Africa is still developing than to have all the natural resources and a large population with no or less education. Improvements in the health and education of all, but especially of women and in conjunction with other social changes that raise the status of women, can have a profound effect in bringing down population growth rates. In an initial period, however, better health care means that more babies live to reproduce and that women reproduce over longer time spans through family planning services The principal aim of social, economic and cultural development, of which population goals and policies are integral parts, is to improve levels of living and the quality of life of the people. Of all things in the world, people are the most precious. Man's knowledge and ability to master himself and his environment will continue to grow. Mankind's future can be made infinitely

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