Young Generation In Brazil

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With the advent of young generations and who have begun to enter the universities and labor markets and that will change the world form as we know it, as the concerns of this generation will help change the lives of people around the world in the social aspects, work, and live their own ambitions, in information and communication that we use technology will witness a large growth, since this generation will remain in constant communication in a lot of times(online), especially in their personal lives, or their working lives "work time", that actively participate in social networks helps in the growth of a huge amount of information, and also the consumption of a large amount of this information, which carrying many developments
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The Brazilian birthrate began to decline in the 1970s, by which time socioeconomic change had made large families less affordable than in the traditional social and economic structure in rural areas, in the past especially in rural areas children start work early and support their parent, and children did not cost much to rise , in the 1990s they attend school for longer period and cost more to support, Brazilian fertility rapidly decline, among the challenges to Brazilian demographics in analyzing fertility behavior over time is the great diversity that has characterized its development, regions show a strong and consistent relationship between fertility decline and measurable changes in social and economic circumstances between 1960 and 1991, it show the relevance of changes in mother's schooling on the pace of fertility…show more content…
The spread of pairs of women's who have been sterilized increase in numbers with educational level, although it is present as well among women with no

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