Population Growth In Texas

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Texas’ political culture will face changes along the rapidly growing Hispanic population of the state. Moralistic political culture; where the people believe in the government’s actions and participation of these, is not enforced in the mentality of Texans. The people of Texas look at the government more like an obstacle of personal freedom and liberty instead of a common good. Individualistic Political Culture is the belief from the population to limit the government in their actions so the individuals seek for their dream without any limitations. Traditionalistic Political Culture is when the people feel ensured that the government is run by the Elite, which is professional people that have experience with government and business manners, such is the case with George W. Bush, a political businessman that governed Texas and then was elected as…show more content…
By 2013 natural increases accounted for only 54 percent of population growth, while international immigration accounted for about 16.8 percent and domestic immigration for about 29.7 percent. (p. 20)
Is not only illegal immigrants incrementing the Hispanic population in Texas, but the Latino community from different states coming to Texas because it has more to offer than others. Is not that different from the impresarios from the 1920’s that came to Texas, people are migrating to Texas because of the low cost of living and high end jobs, more from inside the United States than internationally are contributing to this mixing of cultures in the state. Urbanization and suburbanization are making Texas more of a High Tech State, leading with health technology, changing the point of view of Texas as a big Cattle Ranch where people only care about Church, One Party voting and
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