Population Growth In Trichy City

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In underdeveloped countries, rapid population growth would increase the pressure of population on land, leading to mass unemployment and underemployment. Rapid growth of population leads to reduce the per capita income, poor standard of living and less capital formation. Urban migration is the process of people moving from rural to areas to cities by mid 1970, rural to urban migration numbered 250,000 people annually. According to Indian administration urbanisation defined as, all statutory places with a Municipality, Corporation, Cantonment board, or Notified town area committee and all places satisfying the following three criteria simultaneously: (i) a minimum population of 5000; (ii) at least 75 percent of male working population engaged…show more content…
The few main functions of this city municipal corporation includes the urban and town planning, slum improvement and up-gradation, urban poverty alleviation, water supply for domestic and commercial purpose and public health etc. The author highlights how far this city corporation has made a change in growth of population in this paper.

• To study the surging growth of urban population in Trichy
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Table shows the results of trend position of population in Trichy City from 1901. In the year 1921 shows a negative all over India. There was a gradual increase thereafter few decades, in the year 1951 has a shown a peak of urban population growth as all knows because of independence. All over the world urban population growth has started to grow a remarkable difference since 1971. After globalisation reforms the trend revealed that decreasing effect and again in the year 2011 it has started to show its prosperity level.

The diagram depicts that population of Tiruchirappalli has been increasing annually but in a consistent level. As the country’s population increases and growth of urban cities are also get increases. After Trichy becomes the city corporation its functions and implementation of government actions made the people to attract more towards it.
Tiruchirappalli City Economy
Trichy city’s major economic activities are trade and commerce, tourism related activities and industrial activities. Important industries are BHEL, OFT, HAPP, Golden Rock Railway Workshop, three industrial estates SIDCO, One industrial complex SIPCOT and other industries include cotton and textile, milling, cement, tobacco

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