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Nigeria is a country located on the West Coast of Africa. It consists of 774 local government areas (LGAs), 36 states and one federal capital territory (FCT Abuja). It is located on the Gulf of Guinea and its neighbors are Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. It has a total area of about 923,768 sq. km (which consists of Land: 910,768 sq. km and water: 13,000 sq. km). Nigeria is very rich in Oil reserves and agricultural endowment. There is a significant increase in economic growth which has had no direct impact on the citizens of the country. It is the greatest and the most populous African country in the world with over 166.2 million populations as at year 2013 (National Bureau of Statistics, 2013). The graph of the growth in population from January 2004 to January 2013 is shown in the Bar chart below:
Figure 2: Bar Chart showing Nigeria population from 2004-2015. From the chart above, the Nigeria population has had a steady increase from year 2004 up to 2013; this can be due to increase in birth rate. Of this population, 52 percent live in rural areas while the rest reside in the urban areas (World Health Organization, 2013).
The climatic condition in Nigeria
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• To examine the various building blocks of the health care system in Nigeria.
• To determine if the basic health needs of Nigerians have been met. And if not, what can be done.
• To identify and propose more building blocks that can be added to the existing building blocks of health systems.
In addition, this thesis also will serve as a working document for decision policy makers and a guide to improving the health of Nigerians. It is hoped that this work shall be useful to all states of the Federation, thereby making Nigeria a healthy place to live for citizens and foreigners alike.

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