Population Growth A Blessing Or A Curse

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Population Increase a Curse or Bless? (Globally)
Population increase is a topic that researchers and economists discuss worldwide. How does it economically affect countries, government, and people are some of the sides that researchers analyzed it from. Scarce resources have been the main concern of how will people survive if this huge growth continues. How can we live and use the currently available resources tranquilly with an expectation of a doubling in population in the next 35 years! Do you think human resources can be rearranged and usefully used within the next 35 years? Or will economic conditions worsen and life come to an end?

I) Introduction
All nations are obliged to achieve a better standard of living for their people—adequate
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He wrote that philosophical romance to mock the idea of an ideal society ever existing. He said that suppose one ever existed it would be as follows: people would work for ONLY six hours daily, but don 't you jump to conclusions and think that as a result there will be some scarcity of necessities, but so far is that from being the case. He quoted: "This phenomenon you too will understand if you consider how large of the population in other countries exist without working." More than 500 years ago was Utopia published, but More got to grasp the main cause of the lack of resources we are facing today. Scarcity is more of because of the lack of hard, productive workers not the lack of resources. In addition, with high population comes a larger, better-skilled labor force and more advanced cities. What so more, it has been experts ' opinions that a larger population would be something that is actually in the favor of countries and global. Gary Becker, Nobel Prize Winner said: In modern knowledge-based economies, on balance population growth helps and not hurts income growth and general welfare. So the same idea repeats itself, how we manage this growth is the problem, and not the growth itself. For example, one of the countries that witnessed huge population growth but still maintains one of the best economies in the world is China. Since it made some market reforms in 1978, China 's economic growth averaged 10% annually, lifting half of its 1.3 billion population from poverty and becoming the second largest economy on Earth. Despite having the largest population in the world. Its huge population was not a hindrance but rather a
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