Population Pollution Essay

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CASE 1.3: RADIATION VILLAGE: THE PEOPLE OF NUCLEAR TEST FALLOUT Due to problems of radiation caused by nuclear tests conducted during Pokhran 1 & 2, the resident of Khetolai, a near by village, had filed a petition with the State Human Rights Commission. A committee of experts has been appointed to investigate these issues. Vishwa Mohan Sharma, the DC, had sought help from the Director of Jodhpur Medical College to carry out a study of entire area. Khertolai is a small village about 25kms from Pokhran Qasba on the Jaisalmer-Bikaner highway. It is the nearest village from Pokhran firing range of the Indian Army where 5 nuclear tests were carried out. The recent ones have been carried out in the month of May1998. The village is now facing the brunt of these nuclear tests with a lot cancer cases surfacing in the village, even among the cattle. To raise their concern, villagers filed a petition about the increasing number of cancer cases and psychiatric disorders. Due to the disease spreading among cattle, there are concerns about the production of milk and the village is also witnessing a dramatic decline in the livestock. Timeline of key events Date Key Event May 1998 India performs secret nuclear tests at the Pokhran site in Rajasthan 14 May, 2005 Rajasthan member of the Human Rights Commission Dr. Devarajan M ordered the collectors and said that the government needs to take immediate action June 2015 Collector, Vishwa Mohan Sharma has said that experts have studied the
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