Populist Movement: Success Or Failure

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Populist Movement Success or Failure In 1892, a group of middle class farmers in the South and Midwest evolved creating what was known as the populist party. The populists came together to discuss how the government was ignoring the economic problems they were facing, creating lots of anger among the party, and resulting in the formation of the populist movement. Throughout this Movement, the populists were unsuccessful in ways of not accomplishing everything they hoped to receive in the future. If the populists were not completely successful in their Movement, then what did the populists receive from the revolt? Populists faced many problems in the economy, these problems affected the farmers financially and economically. Consequently, …show more content…

The main cause of not having enough supporters to help back up their party was because, a lot of the southerners did not completely trust Weaver, considering he was a former general in the north. Weaver may have some impact on not winning the majority vote, but really it was due to lack of adequate information to help push the farmers demands out to Americans. The populist party had also excluded all immigrants and aliens, in their demands even though considering they worked for their earnings also. The farmers felt that the government was catering more towards the immigrants and they did not like how they received a lot more than they did. Resulting, in a loss of support from the immigrants, in which they felt that “hatred is rested the keystone of the arch of financial despotism which enslaves you both” (Reading 4). Suggesting, a reason onto to why the populists did not receive a majority vote. Ultimately, the Populist Movement in America may have not been as successful as they hoped for, but as a new party during the Political run they did make it further then they assumed in the election. The Populists also did not mind the loss, due to the fact of forming an alliance with the Democratic Party, in which their major concerns were addressed and settled in peaceful

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