Porfirio Diaz Cientificos

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Mexico has become the mother of the foreigners and the stepmother of Mexicans. This statement was made during the rule of Porfirio Diaz by an unknown person. The statement itself is not unknown however. In fact it is just the opposite. It is extremely well known. Not only does this statement capture Mexico under the reign of Diaz, but it also illustrates how people felt about it. This statement is critically important because it explains the causes and reasons as to why the statement was made in the first place. Mexico has become the mother of foreigners. This part of the statement is all about foreigners in Mexico. During the 30 years that Porfirio Diaz was president so many different types of foreign involvement invaded Mexico. One form …show more content…

This definition not only includes people from other countries, but it also includes the people that don’t belong. The people that don’t belong in Mexico’s case are the privileged. The “elite” of Mexican society never got to know what it was like for the other Mexicans. They’re the ones that also became involved and invested in foreign involvement. One group in particular was Diaz’ cientificos. Cientificos basically translate to scientists, which is funny because you can call them a group that believed in the survival of the fittest. Their philosophy was that one must have order in order to have progress. They thought they were building the people of the future. Their views were intended not for the poor but for themselves. The money that they made went to them not the poor, they wanted to get rid of the Indians, and more. Their view on constructing a future was at the expense of their fellow Mexicans. This pertains to the statement Mexico has become the mother of foreigners because not only were people from other countries coming to Mexico, but Mexicans themselves, especially the elite, were turning into strangers. It also pertains to the second part of the statement, the stepmother of Mexicans, because Mexico had become the evil stepmother. (Just like in Cinderella). Foreigners took over Mexico and true Mexicans were discarded. Mexico was no longer a place where …show more content…

There was a reason that the statement Mexico has become the mother of the foreigners and the stepmother of Mexicans was made during the time when Porfirio Diaz was president though. Foreigners were told that they could do all of these things, and they got that power from Diaz himself. “His reign of office is known as the ‘Porfiriato’” (Metzger 8). Under his rule there was no freedom of speech, foreigners were allowed to take land, his elite friends were allowed to take from other Mexicans, allowed the poor and indigenous people to suffer, and created another form of foreigners. He created “‘rurales’, [or] bandits that the president heavily armed so that they could carry out his orders” (Metzger 8). The people at the time strongly believed that Diaz was the cause of all of this and they were right. He was. Many people even started revolts against Diaz because of it. Diaz was the reason, the cause that the people had to stand against and make bold statements like Mexico has become the mother of the foreigners and the stepmother of Mexicans that took back there freedom of speech. Again, going back to the statement Mexico has become the mother of the foreigners and the stepmother of Mexicans, it is finally seen how descriptive this very sentence was about the reign of Porfirio Diaz and how people felt about it. People felt it was either negative or positive based on where they stood. This statement is critical because it explains,

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