Porfirio Diaz Research Paper

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My famous person in the 1830’s is Porfirio DIaz. He was a mexican general and then soon became the mexican president at a time. In this essay I will tell you the marvelous life of Porfirio Diaz. He will forever be well known for his great accomplishments. He had a lifespan of 45 long years. Porfirio Diaz was born on September 15, 1830, in Oaxaca, Mexico. Once he was born 15 years later he soon became a part of the priesthood. But once the war broke out he became part of the army. His military career then followed him. After many years in the military he was soon ascended to a general. For years after he was a general he then became the president of Mexico. He was well known for establishing a strong centralized state. He became president

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