Porfirio Diaz Summary

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porfirio diaz begins his second term as president of Mexico and modifies the constitution to stay in power. y Victor Ochoa, El Paso, TX, editor of Hispano-Americano, launches a revolutionary movement against Díaz—the first Mexican American to do so y After inspiring several uprisings along México’s northern border, Teresita Urrea (la Santa de Cabora) is banished by the Díaz government and comes to El Paso in exile y Brothers Ricardo and Enríque Flores Magón make plans in El Paso for an anarchist movement (known as Magonistas); the plan fails y The Magonistas (now also called the Partido Liberal Mexicano) make a second plan to take over Ciudad Juárez; this plan also fails y In an interview with American Journalist James Creelman, Díaz announces that he will retire at the end of his term because México is ready to hold free elections y U.S. President William Taft meets with Díaz in El Paso y Díaz runs for reelection but when Francisco I. Madero enters the race, he has Madero put in jail and wins the election y Madero escapes to San Antonio, TX, where he drafts the Plan of San Luis Potosí that calls for…show more content…
sends troops to the border, fearing that the revolution would cross over the
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