Porfirio Diaz: The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Revolution was a war in 1910 to 1920 fought between the president of Mexico Porfirio Díaz, Francisco Madero, Victoriano Huerta, Ignacio Bonillas, Venustiano Carranza, and the citizens and farmers of Mexico. Many groups and farmers wanted to stop Porfirio Diaz the ruler of Mexico since he distributed land to wealthy people in the United States which made them much closer, but took away the land farmers had.

Porfirio Diaz

Porfirio Diaz was a dictator. He could do anything he wanted to do. So Farmers tried making groups and overtaking him since he was a bad leader. One reason why the Farmers wanted to overtake Porfirio is because he sold and gave their land to the united states. Diaz took away the land farmers owned and gave the land to many rich people in the united states and other countries for money. Citizens also wanted to overtake Diaz because he made his citizens suffer a lot by making them build many things like dams, roads and factories.

Francisco Madero: The Plan of San Luis Potosi
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He accomplished this by escaping the imprisonment of Porfirio Diaz because of his resistance to Diaz’s dictatorship which also stole the presidential election from Madero. After he escaped, he wrote a document in 1910 called “The Plan of San Luis Potosi” which was about why Diaz shouldn’t have power and be the president. Some reasons in the document talk about his untrue presidential winning and how he took away the land farmers had. This plan started the Mexican revolution and took down Porfirio Diaz. Sadly he was arrested on February 18 1913, and he was killed four days later by victoriano
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