Pornography Abuse Case Study

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As cited earlier, one of the driving motivational forces for explaining male pornography use and abuse is the need to humiliate sources of beauty and sexual objects and persons of affection - that in reality - can never be realized. In fact, in this type of case scenario, pornography use and abuse is a coping mechanism for unresolved anger and social rejection. In many cases, sexual fantasies that seem to assist with anger reduction and coping with social rejection are those fantasies that humiliate the sexual object of affection. Moreover, some males will go to extreme measures in order to experience the ultimate orgasmic highs associated with applying humiliation upon the sexual object or person of affection such as: viewing males or females…show more content…
Initially, in this case scenario, male pornography use begins in order to serve the fantasy purpose of achieving a sense of intimacy. Then, over a period of time, this behavioral practice evolves into an addictive state where men no longer are utilizing the pornography to achieve the fantasy of intimacy, but rather, are resigned to the fact that a sexual experience or relationship with an object or person of sexual affection will never become a reality. Likewise, the pornography addiction ultimately morphs into a vehicle for expressing anger through the humiliation of the preferred and unattainable sexual object or person of affection as identified in the male’s…show more content…
It’s more than likely that most taboo-highs required for achieving sexual orgasm have evolved from a previous lower level of pornography use and abuse of certain images; images that were deemed by the male user or abuser as no longer effective in stimulating exciting sexual orgasmic experiences. Therefore, some males are involved with taboo activities that assist with elevating the level of sexual orgasm achieved through pornography use and abuse by viewing the following taboo pornographic images or scenes: males and females urinating or defecating; males and females urinating and defecating on other persons; males and females eating feces or drinking urine; nude children and preteens in various natural or lewd poses; incest scenes: mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons or fathers and sons having sexual relations with each other or participating in an orgy; sisters having sexual relations with each other or participating in orgy; other family members involved in incestuous activities; females and males being sodomized; little girls, preteens or women playing with their anus or smelling their own panties, males or females having sex with animals,

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