Pornography Is Objectifying Or Empowering

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“It is like being raised in a red room, pulled out of the red room and being asked to describe the colour red!” These words were spoken by Caroline Heldman at the Tedx Youth conference in San Diego as she was attempting to make a point about sexual objectification being more amplified in the media yet the young people have lost the ability to identify it. Sexual objectification is seen as the norm in today’s society. The new culture has increased the objectification of women in Television, Movies, Magazines and Videogames. In which Heldman believes technology is to blame for the hyper-sexualisation of women. In her speech, pornography was not mentioned as an objectifying medium in media. This is why I am taking it upon myself to analyse if visual pornography is truly objectifying or empowering to women. The argument of if pornography is objectifying or empowering to women has been ongoing for plenty decades. To examine if pornography is indeed empowering or objectifying we must first have to have a grasp of what pornography truly is. The word pornography stems from the Greek word “Pornographos” which means writing about prostitutes. However, the origin of the term is not much of a guide for its modern usage, since many things often called pornography are not exactly about prostitutes. A more cardinal definition will now be given: The Encyclopaedia Britannica defines “Pornography as the representation of sexual behaviours in books, pictures, statues, motion media, and

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