Pornography Negative Effects

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Pornography has many effects on victims as well as on users. Sicne pornography has now become very common in our country or around all over the world so its effets is also seen. Different people respond in a different way but more or less the gyst remains the same. How it affects them is given in following paragraphs. EFFECTS ON VICTIMS Being a part of child pornography has severe negative effects, both long term and short term. Although each child reacts differently depending on the frequency, the acts involved, and the child’s personality, no child escapes unscathed. However victims of online child pornography go through a different pain. As their images or videos are uploaded on internet and once anything is uploaded on internet it never ends and it goes on circulating among the whole world. Since most of the time they are forced to become a part of such act so, the immediate effect on them is that they suffer from physical injury mostly on the private parts. Also they have to go through physical pain like pain in sexual organs, stomach ache, headache. There are chances of passing on Sexually transmitted diseases. They are also mentally traumatized. It is seen most commonly that children also suffer from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). They go through the flashback of the event and nightmares also. There is overwhelming feeling of guilt, shame and embarrassment. There are chances of future exploitation of the same offence. In female victims

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