Porphyrias Lover Adam And Eve Analysis

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Is it not surprising how lust and love are so much related to each other yet particularly unique? Both seem to find their way into sentimental connections in the poems Porphyrias Lover and Adam and Eve it is passed on precisely how perilous both can be and in certain cases even deadly. Both poems sketch deep passion and disappointment in men when it comes to the women they have chosen. Both writers give you this sense of passion along with inhuman like behavior; the only difference is one man had a conscience. Porphriyas lover is the ideal case of how love can go wrong and how greatly it can overcome one 's thoughts and emotions. The poem is told from a psychotic perspective, a man who was deeply in love with Porphyria. To him she was a prize possession that he cherished, his obsession with his lover Porphryia overcame him, and it concluded in her death. To him, murder was the perfect method to keep his dear Porphryia forever. In the poem, he describes to the readers his…show more content…
Porphyria 's lover is a tragic love story that ends in death and no remorse, “ her cheek once more blushed bright beneath my burning kiss: I propped her head up as before, only this time my shoulder bore her head which droops upon it still. The guy lacked empathy and compassion the love he had for Porphyria eventually brought her to her death. Whereas Adam and Eve the writer knows what he feels for Eve is strong, and he can barely resist her, however, he quickly comes to realize his thoughts may be uncalled for and obnoxious leading him to question himself. Unlike Porphyria 's Lover, Adam is disgusted and feels a sense of remorse he has empathy a conscience the writer states “until we say the truth there can be no tenderness, as long as there is desire we cannot be safe.” After being rejected by women, both narrators have extreme reactions, and both are internalized throughout the
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