Argumentative Essay On High School Shootings

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Persuasive Argument Imagine that another world war broke out and you were chosen to fight and protect your country. What if a member of your family was diagnosed with depression except, no one knew how to treat them as we chose to forget all the bad symptoms that came from it? How about domestic issues that differ from country to country? Would you want to forget the despicable massacre that took place in Port Arthur? That massacre sparked the idea for tighter gun laws. These are the types of actions that we would see occur in the world if we chose to forget all the bad memories of society. Do you remember the atrocities of the first and second world war? What if you never learnt about these heinous acts of cruelty? We would continually see more large wars occurring because society would decide that the mistakes made in the past aren’t worth remembering. In the society that is proposed these are the dilemmas we would face. In that society we would not learn from the mistakes of the past. The Geneva Accords would not have been set as we would have…show more content…
Now obviously gun laws are still not up to par in America as there have been 18 school shootings in the first 45 days of 2018. Nevertheless these are all events that are looked to, to create new laws. Take the Port Arthur massacre for example. The massacre took 35 innocent lives and injured 25 more and was used as an example to create new gun legislation. This legislation made it much more difficult to obtain a firearm, which meant a drop in gun related violence. What if we did forget? Is it worth predicting that we would see more massacres if we chose to forget Port Arthur? I think yes as we are seeing that occur in America at the moment. Even though yes, these are traumatic situations that are unthinkable and we wished there didn't occur. Yet unfortunately they do occur and that is the reason we must remember, because we would learn no other
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