Porter's Competitive Forces Model

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3-1) How do porter’s competitive forces model, the value chain model, synergies, core competencies and network-based strategies help companies use information systems for competitive advantage ?
The commonly known Michael Porter’s Model is describe to be an organized overview of the organization, its opponents, and lastly its environment. There are five components that makes up the model to predicts the destiny of the business. Which are traditional competitors, new market entrants, substitution of products and services and customers and lastly suppliers.As well the appropriate manner to maintain business surviving and superior to their threats from new entrants and rivals with the advantage of information systems.
Information systems enable taking an active position in business to reach their objectives as constantly reminded throughout the chapters are operational excellence and the other following objectives. In chapter for any business to be successful they will need to create a balance between managing the technology and the predicted profit goals. In other words, a major essional towards a accomplish are businesses who are willing to align their IT with their business objective. The Porter’s Model concentrates using the four universal strategies:
Low-cost leadership
Product differentiation
Focus on market niche
Strengthen Customer and Supplier Intimacy
Low-cost leadership most popular retail is walmart for providing inventory system of when every purchase is

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