Porter's Five Forces For Bicycle Industry

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2.2 Industry Analysis - Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis Threat of Substitutes Bicycles and services from unknown manufacturers can provide huge substitution threats. Just as alarming for bicycle manufacturers is the internet: it is developing as an excellent medium for cheap marketing services. The price that consumer are willing to pay for a product is depends the quantity and the availability of substitute products. When a close substitute for a product is exist, industry profitability is suppressed because consumer will pick out if the price are high. Example consumer will compare the price of other bicycles with this bicycle in terms of quality and appearance, a customer can easily get another bicycle which is less difference but in more cheaper…show more content…
When capital markets are enables to offer funds, increase the risk of competitive entrants. The industry will becomes a magnet to new if a firm have a very high profit. Unless got way we can solve this problem if not the competition and competitor will increase. Firms in an industry try to keep the new entrants low by barriers to entry, first is economies of scale. An economy of scale is when an industry is characterized by large economies of scale for new firms to enter and participate, if they are willing to accept a cost disadvantage. Besides that, product differentiation is one of the threats of new entrants. Starting a new business we need to use a lot of money for advertising to attract customer, but we have to create our new things that cannot found in others competitors. For non-traditional barriers to entry, we have unique business model. We created a business with a unique design and establish a network of relationships that makes the business model work so that no people can easily to copy our…show more content…
If a suppliers they decrease the quality of components, the quality of the finished product will slow-down or suffer so that manufacturer will lower its price or loses. Switch costs and supplier concentration, we need to have constant suppliers and we did not change any suppliers so that we no need to face any problem about switching cost. If the switching costs are high, fewer buyers will change the suppliers because of switching costs. Indeed, without top quality technologies, organizations like LEAFXPRO Bicycles would not possess the capability to build innovative bicycles that are able to surpass
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