Porter's Value Chain Analysis Of Walmart

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Sam Walton said, "People think we got big by putting big stores in small towns. Really, we got big by replacing inventory with information." (Banjo, S., 2014) Porter’s Value Chain Analysis The value chain as the internal processes or activities a company performs “to design, produce, market, deliver and support its product. For this segment, the author will analyze the successful value chain of Wal-mart. This will shows you how Wal-mart’s strategic capabilities work to survive in their market. Support Activities Firm Infrastructure There are a total of 2485 of Wal-mart stores, 682 of super centres, 457 of SAM’s clubs, 5 Wal-mart neighbourhood markets and 1007 untis of Wal-mart international. With such firm infrastructure, Wal-mart have serves over 100 million of customers in weekly basis globally. In this organization, there are a total of 1035000 associates, which are also part of War-mart success. And this had makes the company the largest private employer in America. Human Resource Management Human resource is one of the important departments in an organization. They need to manage all the associates in the whole organization. In Wal-mart, almost 60% of the associates with manager post have started as hourly associates. They are encouraged to work together, give new ideas and do their best with enjoyment to their work. Associates are getting competitive salary and attractive benefits, which gave them motivation to do their best in their work. Human resource had

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