Essay On Porter's Value Chain Model

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2.1 Concerns of strategy implementation
Strategy implementation has to be carefully planned systematic approach. What is important is to spread the core concept and desired end goals to employees and stakeholders to clarify any grey areas. Strategic view should provide a solid picture of the prototype of what the organization will be like once the desired status is achieved through painted canvas. It is important that all employees understand and feel the anticipation of this new change. Change leaders has to be appointed and made accountable to take the message across to their respective groups, while encouraging and providing windows for them to be actively involved in strategy making process, to make their ideas feel valued. If the dreams of all could be brought in to one frame enriching the entire process as a whole it would be rather beneficial. Assumptions have to be made based on proper market analysis carried out, which will in turn enable customers to join the
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In order to deliver the strategic change anticipated in a successful manner, these interactions have to be well balanced, monitored and controlled. If the value chain model is to be used as a tool to gain competitive advantage, value activities has to be identified which build a potential impact on differentiation and amount to a substantial proportion of cost.(Porter :1985)
When considering the proposed change pertaining to above company situation, technology management, marketing and sales activities, service and operational costs could be considered to be of the major value creating levels. Costs associated with these levels will be high at the initial stage of implementations. At the next level, mitigating of risk, after sales services, reviews and feedback analysis, taking corrective measures where appropriate will curtail the

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