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I. Rationale, presenting contextual and theoretical reasons leading to the proposal study.
The research is conducted to discover the effects of portfolio assessment on grade 10 students’ writing performance assessed by the framework of VSTEP. Besides, questionnaire is used to investigate the students’ attitudes toward this kind of assessment. The research is taken place in a high school located in rural area, Mekong delta. Summative assessment is totally used to assess and national exam achievement is the ultimate objective. Consequently, learning and teaching English in the school is exam- oriented in which the concentration on grammars, exam strategy is dominant training
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Moya & O’Malley (1994) introduce five general features of portfolio to assess. Comprehensiveness (Students show their understanding through their collections) teacher can use both formal and informal assessment techniques on process and product to understand students’ progress in linguistic, cognitive, metacognitive aspects. The content of portfolio is objective inputs stressed both academic and informal language development. Secondly, Predetermined and Systematic. The portfolio is planned to apply within contents, data collection schedule, and students’ performance criteria. Each factor has its own clearly understood purpose. The third is informative. Portfolio must transfer meaningful information to readers (teachers, students, parents…). The information required in portfolio must meet students’ needs. The next characteristics is tailored, Portfolio is useful for classroom goals, objectives, and individual student assessment needs. Finally, Authentic – Portfolio should contain related information based authentic activities. Besides, the language of Portfolio should be authentic which provided by several contexts as formal classroom activities, natural settings and informal classroom settings. In one word, a writing portfolio is the written texts collection included both texts from the learning process and final product. During the process, teacher’s instruction and guiding should raise students’ awareness of…show more content…
Brown confirmed the importance and complication of this step. He also suggested how to maximize the benefits of portfolio assessment – authenticity and washback when offering opportunities for both self assessment and peer assessment. Brown recommended a number ways to assess portfolio such as self- assessment questions, Portfolio self- assessment questionnaire, checklist, peer – feedback.
Designate time within the curriculum for portfolio development. Teacher should arrange enough time to students to deal with their portfolio which have to be fit with the curriculum.
Establish periodic schedules for review and conferencing. Classroom conference or frequent checks portfolio can keep students’ concentrate on their product.
Provide positive washback – giving final assessment. Brown cited from Wolcott(1998)’s recommendation of scoring portfolio, he stated that portfolio should be assessed holistically based on such qualities as inclusion of out – of – classwork, error-free work, depth of content, creativity, organization, writing style and students’ engagements. previous studies and justifying your proposed

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