Analysis Of The Book 'A Separate Peace' By John Knowles

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Mary Fragalla
Mrs. Teague
Honors American Literature
10 December 2015
Reading Portfolio Assignment
Author’s Background and Purpose
John Knowles wrote his novel "A Separate Peace" after his memories from his years at the Phillips Exter Academy in New Hampshire. John Knowles grew up in a small town in Fairmont, West Virginia. He came from a wealthy family. He spent his life coal mining and attending public schools in Fairmont. John Knowles left his family and went to the elite prep school in New Hampshire. He left his family and town when he was fifteen years old. He found Exter Academy to be both challenging academically and socially. He was not used to the academy and unfamiliar with the way the school did things. These elements and his
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It takes place in the years 1942 and 1943. The seasons take a big part in the tone and atmosphere. The novel starts off during the summer time. The boys are in their Summer Session. The atmosphere is very calm. The school teachers are more laid back. They are described in the book as snakes uncoiling. The boys get away with things that are not allowed at the school. They get to jump from the tree into the river and miss dinner time with no punishment. The summer made the boys seem innocent. The boys were about living in the moment because of how close they were in the age of being drafted into the war. Finny's fall off the tree brings summer to an end and everything seems to change. The falling leaves are like the falling of the summer spirit. Finny was the leader for all the boys in their class. Now that he is injured, they feel lost and leaderless. Gene feels guilty and jealous. The boys are now faced with being drafted into the war. They have to think about life and make big decisions. Some of them think about finishing school early and signing up for the war. They are now more mature and becoming men. (225…show more content…
He tells the story from his point of view and thoughts. The novel starts with him walking through the Devon School and reminiscing. He notices how everything seems the same. He was a student at the Devon School. The book describes him as about 140 pounds and is five feet eight and a half inches. Gene Forrester is very smart and is competitive with his friends. He becomes very jealous of his friend and roommate, Finny. Gene isn't very popular and wishes he could be as popular and well liked as Finny. This jealousy leads him to do harmful things and leads to the climax. Gene feels now he can take Finny's place. At the end of the novel, Gene has lost his true identity and acts like someone else. (137 words)

Finny is the main character's roommate. Finny is very hyper, athletic, and spontaneous. He is well liked at the Devon School by his classmates and teachers. He is the rebel of the story. He does not listen to the rules and can get out of any situation. He is popular and the leader of his group. After all the rebellious things he does, he is innocent. He is not wicked or mean. He is kind and people envy him. Gene Forrester pushes him off the tree and is paralyzed. The readers do not know if it was initially or not. He still finds forgiveness in his friend even after what he did to him.

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