Portfolio Model Help IS/IT Strategic Planning

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(a) How can portfolio model help IS/IT strategic planning in terms of reaching a consensus among executive managers, line managers, and IT management?

Suggested Answer
Portfolio model visualises the role and importance of systems in organisations. Managers and technical experts can find it easy to organise their discussions and share their perspectives. An exchange of view should help establish the consensus.
(5 marks)

(b) Describe Strategic, Key Operational, High Potential, and Support classifications of applications in IS/IT portfolio. Give one example application for each classification.

Suggested Answer
Strategic applications create a clear competitive advantage for the business, enable the achievement of specific business
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How IS/IT can contribute in following these paths? Provide one example of IS/IT application for each of the paths.

Suggested Answer
Operational excellence can be achieved through systems like SCM and ERP as they improve efficiency, planning, and avoid operational failures. Modern management frameworks and models like Just-in-Time and Build-to-Order can be implemented. Systems can extend work capabilities through automation, and human capacities by augmentation.

Customer Intimacy can be achieved through CRM systems, and systems which are directly connected to customer interfacing. Automation and augmentation also play a role in improving customer intimacy; e.g., airline staff at Heathrow had effectively used Google glass-based solution for identifying and handling important customers.

Product/Service Leadership lies largely in innovation, which requires good analytics. Information systems acquire important data, generate information and knowledge. Which contributes in analysis, and also provides patterns. Analysis and patterns may trigger ideas, and also can evaluate the potential of ideas.
((4 marks for each way + 1 mark for example of each way) x 3 = 15 marks)
(Total: 25
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Core feature of the system should be related to the benefit.
(5 marks for each explanation x 5 = 25 marks)
(Total 25 Marks)
PART B: You MUST ANSWER ONE (1) of the TWO (2) questions in this section


(a) Establish a case of agile development methods in modern projects? Discuss an example.

Suggested Answer
The case should be based on user participation, change requests during development phases, and demand for innovative and usable solutions.
(10 marks for the case + 5 marks for example discussion = 15 Marks)

(b) Discuss two major advantages of Object-Oriented Methodologies

Suggested Answer
Advantages should be related to consistency, agility, performance, and quality.

(5 marks for each advantage x 2 = 10 Marks)

(Total 25 Marks)


(a) A large organisation in the country wishes to redevelop its accounting software because it is migrating to a new technology platform. There are no major changes in the business processes and functionality, but some minor changes in the interfaces are sought. Furthermore, a few new reports are required, and a few formatting-related improvements in old reports are
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