Portia Brutus's Wife Analysis

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SECRETS Portia, Brutus’s wife, wanted to know Brutus’s secret for many worthy reasons. Portia cares about her husband and his well being and wants to know what is troubling him, offer her help. A wife or husband should not pressure their spouse into telling them their secrets because they should have already told them. Every situation is different, but a married couple should be very closed and be comfortable to talk to them about anything. Couples should be best friends and not hide things from each other because then there is no trust in the relationship. I mean I am not a marriage counselor and this is just an answer for a simple homework assignment, but married partners should be able to come to one another on things that bother them because if there is no trust then what is the point of marrying someone (for love)? Spouses should be allowed to keep secrets from each other, if it is a surprise birthday party, gift, or wonderful gesture. Secrets tend to rip relationships apart because it suggests a lack of trust and usually when one spouse keeps a secret, they lie to their husband or wife. Furthermore, lies are never positive, even if the truth is hard to hear, it is always better…show more content…
Caesar is dismissing Calpurnia’s warnings from her dreams by saying that the gods have already decided his fate and so worrying about death is cowardly. Caesar is correct in this passage in means that dwelling on death can put a pause on life because if people spend too much time thinking about the end, than they miss what is happening in the “now”. Somethings people have to prepare for, but not let their entire life get altered by their fear. For example, people write their wills to plan ahead, in order to prevent a bad situation in the future, but they do not spend their entire life writing
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