Portia Monologue

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Come on, Nerissa. I have a scheme in the works that you don’t know about, yet; we’ll see our husbands before they think of us. Portia said.

Will they see us? Nerissa said confused.

Why will, Nerissa but in such dress that they’ll think we are provided with that we lack. I’ll bet you any amount that when we’re both decked out like young men, I’ll prove the more dashing fellow of the two, and wear my dagger with the finer grace, and speck like an adolescent with a changing, squeaky and turn to mincing steps into mainly stride and speak of battles like a fine bragging youth and tell tricky lies, how honourable ladies sought my love who, when I refused it, fell sick and died, I could not help it! Then I’ll repent and wish, despite all they, that I had not killed them. And twenty of these silly lies I’ll tell so that men will swear I graduated from school s thousand immature tricks of these bragging fellow which I’ll use. Explained Portia
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Shall we turn to men? Nerissa said.

Shame, what a question that would be if you were near a foul-mined person! But come, I’ll tell you my whole scheme when I am in my coach, which is waiting for us at the park gate. Therefore, lets hurry away we must cover twenty miles today. Portia said while walking to the coach.

Portia explained to Nerissa the evil scheme she has. There plan includes their trust and revenge if they ruin their trust.

They arrive at the courthouse and walked inside. No one noticed them because they were both dressed as men. They proceed with the court meeting. After the pound of flesh has been cut from Antonio, they over heard Antonio and Bassanio, that when Nerissa and Portia cut in and started talking to them both.

As a token of our friendship, I’ll take this ring from you. Don’t draw back your hand, I don’t want anything else and you, as my friend wont refuse me this. Portia says to

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