Portnoy's Complaint Analysis

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Portnoy's Complaint tells us a story of a family too, but using completely different technique named satire. I’d like to think that Roth wrote the Portnoy’s Complain as a satire, because of the real American Jew character, in one way relentlessly comic and bitterly to. I feel a sense of outrage is coming from the Jew consciousness, of “so much consciousness that the Jew has been through it all so many times before”. (Kilday, 1969). Portnoy himself calls it “The Alexander Portnoy Show!” His parents praise and badger him until Alex finds himself in a paradoxical position: his family considers him as “princes…and saviours and sheer perfection on the one hand, and such bumbling incompetent, thoughtless, helpless, selfish, evil little shits, little
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