Portrait Of Richard Meade Analysis

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My extraordinary portrait will be painted in a realist style with exquisite detail and thought-provoking subject matter, presenting the audience with key aspects of who I am as a person such as my love for the outdoors and my adventurous attitude. The setting of my portrait on a commercial fishing boat, with which comes early mornings, long days, and inclement weather but also an honest living, will exemplify my diligence and sincerity. I will be shown pushing the final lobster trap off the back of the boat, worn out but delighted to head back to the harbor. My inspiration for my portrait comes from a few techniques used in the portrait of Richard Worsam Meade, a Spanish writer in the early1800’s; Techniques used in the portrait such as the focus of light on his face and desk, the precise, thin brush strokes, and the unequivocal content caught my attention. Meade the first sitter in a portrait that I saw that looked like himself; He had uncombed hair and was sitting in a mess of an office. He wasn’t trying to impress anybody and I admired that. The purpose of my portrait is to illustrate the person I see myself as and am strive to be.
My portrait should pique the interest of the prospective viewer just as the disgruntled portrait of Richard Meade captured my curiosity.
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The quaint island on the horizon, highlighted by the sun 's natural light and painted with forest greens and browns leaves an impression that the future is bright and promising, and that ahead lies
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