The Role Of Prostitution In The Media

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“Sex work is a business just like any other. This is the recognised "bible" of successful independent Prostitution. A must for the newbie as well as the seasoned pro” (TheInternetEscortsHandbook)

Prostitution is “the act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money

Portrayal of Prostitution in the Media

In Western media, prostitution is somehow glorified, and to some extent hypersexualized. Perhaps this is because it is seen as a choice, or an indecent lifestyle. Prostitutes are portrayed as some sort of forbidden(taboo) yet are highly desirable items in our society. Hypersexualization of women in media overall is just bad towards making them seem even more like sexual items. While “glorifying” these
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Even when there is prostitution portrayed, it's a very passionate and steamy sex scene that is enjoyed by the audience. But in real life situations prostitution is demeaning to all women. When someone thinks about prostitutes, it is not considered that the issue involves both sex’s. In reality is it immediately the thought of women selling their bodies, even though male prostitution does exist; and is something that happens quite frequently. From other point of views, this profession deprives women of their rights as human beings. The fact is when women are being used for sex and treated like objects, no one cares what they look like. Watching movies like that or seeing music videos that show all beautiful prostitutes isn't correctly showing how the business of prostitution…show more content…
Dress proper

A Look Inside The Business of Prostitution:

In most countries around the world, sex is for sale and much of it operates in plain view (legal). But, there’s one corner of the trade that is highly protected like than any other: the business of high-end prostitution. This is where clients can spend hundred of thousands of dollars each year; it’s a secret world with rules and practices that will change everything you people think they know about the buying and selling of sex.

The rich and ultra rich are used to the lifestyle of getting “extra” service for their extra dollars, and that is when it comes to prostitutes. Prostitutes that work in escort agencies get paid a higher amount than a street corner working girl. Some agencies charge a flat rate of $1,500 per hour for each woman, and the price even increases for well known agencies, some women there can charge up to between $10,000 and $15,000 for a night or two days. Easy money right?

Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss(owned an agency) told ABC News:

She once, for instance, found "gigantic, gigantic girls" for a client who preferred heavy-set women.

"It's just like when you go to a restaurant," she said. "You're paying -- you can order what you
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