Illness In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In Frankenstein, the women are presented as the submissive sex. They can also be innocent and passive. Both Victor and the monster have similar views on women, as they see them as a loving companion. 1. Illness in the novel symbolizes an escape from society, which tends to be effective. After traumatic events, Victor feels guilty, which leads to his recurring illnesses. He uses it as an escape from his guilt and responsibilities after creating a monster. 2. Yes, the monster 's eloquence and persuasiveness does make it easier for readers to sympathize with him. Victor had created him but abandoned him, which led to the monster killing all of Victor 's loved ones, which leads to the readers thinking that he is evil. But at the end, all the monster…show more content…
The biblical allusion would be how Victor is like God because he is the one creating life. The monster would be like Adam because Adam was a creation of God. Adam then committed a sin by disobeying God, and the monster ended up killing Victor 's friends and family, which would make them both evil. Shelley could be mocking the concept of a god, and Christianity itself. 11. The monster would probably be trustworthy. It only wanted a companion and to be accepted for who it was. Victor wouldn 't be trustworthy because he created a monster and refused to take responsibility for his own creation. 12. Yes, a loving family would 've prevented such tragedy. No matter how ugly, scary, or threatening the monster was, a loving family would defend the monster in any way possible. The monster only needed to be loved and feel compassion. 13. The point of the frame narrative was for the narrator to show a moral of a story. Robert Walton is telling a moral of the story, which is why he starts and ends the story. He learns from Frankenstein that knowledge can eventually lead to destruction. 14. Appearance would be a theme that reflects on the Romantic Period. The monster is chased away wherever he goes because of the way he looks. He tries to fit into society, but isn 't accepted anywhere. The author is trying to show that people in society reject the people who live on the borders of our
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