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Portuguese Lore Research Paper Outline Introduce your topic Portuguese Lore Answer these questions: Introduce Legends, Myths, and Fairy Tales. What does each of them entail? (If you found Tall Tales or Fables then introduce these as well) Legends are based on history, embellished, and told and retold. Myths are based on religion, supernatural beings, gods and demigods, and explain natural phenomenons. Fairy Tales are based on fiction, fantastic elements, magic, imaginary creatures, and conflict between good and evil. Tall Tales are based history, blatant mistruths, and they are told and retold. Fables are based on fairy tales that teach lessons. What is (Portuguese) Folklore? Portuguese folklore includes traditional beliefs, customs, and stories about Portuguese passed by…show more content…
These stories are a bit similar because they both kinda deal with characters just worrying about themselves at a point and just try to look out for themselves. How do these fairy tales reflect the culture? Theses fairy tales shape society on making moral decisions and on how to deal with conflicts within themselves. What values are evident in each? The values in each story is that one needs to look out for themselves. How did the oral tradition (pre-technology times) contribute to the widespread belief in imaginary creatures or magic associated with that culture? Why were these beliefs readily accepted by the masses? The oral tradition is what keeps all these stories going. Some stories are so old that one can’t really find science and reason in them, that’s why some tales were made using magic and imaginary creatures. The Archetypal Hero’s Journey in Folklore. What is an archetype? An archetype is a typical character, an action or situation that seems to represent such patterns of human nature. What is the hero’s journey? A hero's journey is when the character takes a journey that may be physical or emotional to understand his or her
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