Poseidon Informative Speech

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A long time ago, in a place very close hidden in the clouds lived the olympians. To start off let's just say Poseidon did some pretty bad things to Eileithyia and in the end Poseidon got himself cursed by Eileithyia. Let me inform you on some of these people, Poseidon as you may know is one of the 12 olympians and is The god of the sea son of Titans Cronus and Rhea. Eileithyia is the greek goddess of childbirth, daughter of Zeus and Hera. Later on as the years passed by, Poseidon had a baby with as you might say “Mother earth” or Gaea the goddess of earth . They had eventually had three other kids. Antaeus, Charybdis, and Laestrygon. Though they are family, gods had a lot of children and today I am talking only about Waters. Who is waters you…show more content…
He didn't shine like a god and showed signs of a mortal. Then that was when it hit them. They both looked down at the baby and looked back up at each other. “Eileithyia” they both declared. This echoed all throughout their big empty castle, and all the fountains stopped flowing and all the plants were silent. The guards stopped all their activities and focused all attention on the two. It had become obvious, This was all an effect of the curse. “What will we do with a mortal son” Gaea exclaimed. “ He will never be able to live up in olympus with the concept that he is a mortal” Gaea continued. “Stop”! Poseidon commanded.” I have faith that Zeus will understand and we can compromise some sort of agreement” Poseidon said. But in his voice Gaea could tell Poseidon was unsteady and unsure. A few days later after a hard ponder they came to a conclusion, and decided to keep him in a life of hiding. So he grew up knowing he was a mortal and to stay away from the outside world. Waters often was depressed not being able to have any friends or contact with the outside world. He sat in his huge castle with nothing to do but play with the guards. The fountains flowed and it was the only
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