Poseidon Is Good Or Evil In The Odyssey

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Evil or Evil

Imagine a world where everyone was a good person, a world where there was no destruction, many would say that the world would be peaceful, However they should know that in Homer’s The Odyssey a book and Marissa Meyers Cinder a book there are very cruel and evil people in both of their books. Let’s talk about poseidon the evil god of the sea, who is only evil because Odysseus hurt his son, Queen Levana, the most wretched queens to ever rule, she is a cruel and wretched villain. A villain is a cruel malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime. People must know that both Poseidon and Queen Levana are villains however Levana is way more evil.

One would be right to think that both Poseidon and Queen Levana are vengeful, but Queen Levana brings way more to the table. To start off, Poseidon is vengeful. The author states, “Poseidon heard his prayer, and the curse of the Cyclops has pursued me ever since,” (Homer 29). Some people believe that this describes Poseidon is very vengeful because poseidon is determined to have Odysseus brought to justice. While it is true that
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The god of the sea is not fearful. According to the text, “Poor Odysseus what have you done to make Poseidon so angry?” (Homer 6). This shows that people do fear Poseidon but not nearly as much as they fear the Lunar Queen. People must know that Levana will attack anyone who bothers her. The texts says, “ Yes, I’ve heard how the queen attacked you,” (Meyer 375). This exemplifies that Levana is very feared on Earth. However they should also know that Levana will turn her wrath against the whole country if she doesn’t get what she wants.The author wrote, “And risk Levana turning her wrath against his entire country” (Meyer 383). This is a excellent point that illustrates Levana’s true colors, kill and
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