Poseidon: The Tragic Hero Of Homer's Odyssey

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I am Poseidon, god of the seas. In this story, I will talk about my life and my adventures. I rule the seas with my all powerful trident. Millenias ago my father, Cronus, swallowed me and my siblings, Demeter, Hestia, Hera,and Hades. Zeus fought Cronos in a great battle, after much time Zeus finally defeated Cronos. My siblings and I were finally free. My two brothers and I split up the world into three parts. I have the Sea and the Earth, my symbols are the horse, trident, and the bull. Zeus is the ruler of Olympus and the skies and Hades is the ruler of the underworld. All sailors worshipped me, once they set out on a great voyage, they worshipped me by saying a prayer and sacrificing a horse by drowning it in the ocean. If they did not…show more content…
The ship called the Odyssey arrived at Sicily. Odysseus tricked my son into drinking strong wine and therefore drunkening him. Once he was drunk, Odysseus grabbed a wooden steak and stabbed him in the eye. Since Odysseus stabbed my son in his only eye, I created dangerous obstacles on their way back and finally I sunk the Odyssey with massive waves. Once there was a great war between the mortals, this war was called the Trojan war. The war was between the city of Troy and the greeks. I get bored sometimes after eating ambrosia, drinking nectar, and listening to Pan’s lyre. So I joined the battle even after my brother,Zeus, warned me not to do so, I was, of course with the Greeks. Hera agreed to trick my brother by distracting him and I went of to war. I was of great usefulness to the greeks because well I am a god and I created the horse, which was used to drive a chariot. But Zeus saw me from Olympus and ordered Iris to return me on his behalf. It is now the end of my story, I have had many great adventures, created many creatures, loved many times, and have had many heroic children. Mortals will continue to fight and bring much entertainment to the gods, just as long as people will worship
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