Poseidon Vs Joker

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Poseidon vs The Joker Imagine, seeing a war between a god and an insane man, this is how you find out who is a better villain. A villain is character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot, they are terrorist’s in cartoons. Poseidon is from the Odyssey, and The Joker is from Batman. Even though, there are many villain throughout movies, books, and TV shows, the two best ones are “Odysseus” and “Batman”.

It is true that Poseidon is a villain because he is vengeful, powerful and cruel, but he never kills anyone.
To begin, Poseidon is vengeful. According to the text, “Poseidon heard his prayer, and the curse of the cyclops has persue me ever since.”(Homer 29)Some people believe that this shows that Poseidon is vengeful but it really shows that he holds grudges. In addition, Poseidon is powerful. According to the text, “Odysseus clung helplessly to the rudder as his boat was tossed from wave to wave.”(Homer 5). Although some people see this as being
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To start off, The Joker is a murderer. According to the text, “And finally a Joker--shot cleanly through the face.”(Sam Hamm Batman)This shows that The Joker is a worse villain than Poseidon because The Joker kills somebody when Poseidon only hurts people, therefore The Joker is a murderer.To add on, Poseidon may be powerful but The Joker is insane. According to the text, “The Joker climbing all over the Driver”(Sam Hamm Batman).Some people may believe that Poseidon is meaner as The Joker but The Joker climbs on drivers which means they could crash and kill people, so he is insane.Lastly, The Joker is cruel. According to the text, “I’ve just wiped out the stock market.”(Sam Hamm Batman).Some people may believe that Poseidon is more cruel than The Joker but truly, The Joker is more cruel because he got rid of everybody's
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