Poseidon's Argumentative Essay

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Calypso, in her kind way she listened to the gods and let Ulysses go back to Ithaca, and she gave him a ship that will smoothy sail him home to Ithaca instead of raft. As Ulysses was sailing, Poseidon was coming back from Africa and he noticed Ulysses’ ship. Poseidon was angry because Ulysses was still alive and decides to make a very large storm with massive waves. Ulysses was in much danger until someone named Ino notices what was happening to Ulysses. She decided to help Ulysses because she hated Poseidon for an injury he had done her long before. Ino gives Ulysses a veil and tells him that it will help him to never drown. She then says to swim across the sea to an island. When Ulysses gets there he finds that he can’t get onto the land
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