Poseidon's Narrative Essay

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There was a once a baby, but not just any baby. A one eyed baby that stood 18 feet tall at age 2. His skin was dark green, rough, wrinkly and his body was massive. His eye was as red as a ruby. Also, his teeth were like 7 foot knives emerging out of his huge mouth. He was born with a ferocious attitude. Eventually, when he grew up he was 426 feet tall from head to toe and had an eye the size of 5 locomotives. The cyclops went by the name Boo. His dad is Poseidon, the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Poseidon gave him his name because when he was a baby he tried to say blue and it sounded like Boo. He lived in a massive cave on the island Hyperia where he would go outside everyday and hunt the animals that lived on the island. He…show more content…
His snores were as loud as a tornado siren. He thought he heard something but then thought to himself, “I 've been all alone for years nobody else will ever end up here.” But, then he heard the noise again. So he got up and went out and checked. He saw these little creatures on a small floating log it looked like. He was confused. He started walking over there. But Luscious Luke thought the big green cyclops was coming to eat them. He never saw something this big in his life. So, he armed his men and started shooting the big green giant with there bow and arrows while he cut the ropes off the rocks and slowly started floating away still shooting their bows. Boo got mad... Very mad… He grabbed 17 men off the boat and ripped them apart and ate them all in one bite. He noticed that the boat had started to float away. So, he jumped in the water and swam as fast as a marlin and caught up to it and slammed his fist on the humongous boat. The boat stayed in tacked. Luscious Luke was now scared for his own life. So, he himself started fighting the big green beast. He yelled, “Curse you, You are as ugly as a mole rat!” Boo got angry and replied, “I will tear your head off like a piece of paper and eat you for

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