Posi: Swot Analysis And SWOT Analysis Of Pepsi

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Corporate Policy In the event that Pepsi can accomplish upper hand in Pakistan, then why not on the planet? Presentation and History: Name: PepsiCo Inc. Logo: PepsiCo Inc. Logo Businesses Served: Beverages, Food Geographic regions served: Worldwide Base camp: U.S. Current CEO: Indra Nooyi Income: $ 65.492 billion (2012) Profit: $ 6.178 billion (2012) Employees: 297,000 (2012) Fundamental Competitors: The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc., Mondelez International, Inc., Hansen Natural Corporation, National Beverage Corp., Kraft Foods Inc., The Kellogg Company, ConAgra Foods, Inc., Nestlé S.A. What 's more, others. PepsiCo is a world pioneer in helpful snacks, sustenances, and drinks. Pepsi Cola International is one of the main soda pop organization working around the world. As its US multinational organization, it 's working in more than two hundred nations around the globe. The vision of the…show more content…
Product diversity. PepsiCo has several hundreds of brands, which include: carbonated and noncarbonated drinks, water, savory and whole grain-based snacks. Product diversification strengthens PepsiCo because it doesn 't have to rely on a few key products or seasonal sales and isn 't significantly affected by changes in customer tastes. 2. Extensive distribution channel. PepsiCo products are served to more than 10 million stores per week in more than 200 countries. 3. CSR. The firm recognizes its role in a society and engages in education, recycling, water usage reduction, obesity-fighting and other projects through PepsiCo Foundation, thus increasing its brand awareness and customer loyalty. 4. Competency in mergers and acquisitions. The key to PepsiCo business growth is its successful mergers and acquisitions of beverage, bottling, and snack companies. PepsiCo acquired such brands as Gatorade, Tropicana, Doritos, Quaker Oats and many others. 5. 22 brands earning more than
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