Against Corruption Research Paper

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Corruption elimination? Starting from the students
Most of all knew what corruption is. Spreading from lower level upon the top level in business practice. From individual, groups even in organizational level, both in government institution, profit organization, even in non profit oriented organization. Many cases were found but still there is another case which published or even not published and it seems the “corruption cases” is getting bigger and bigger from time to time. Corruption already became common language anyway. Many of us are “sicked” but this situation but sometimes we can’t do anything about it.
Before we are going any further let us clear what corruption is. There is much definition on corruption but based on,
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Many institution such Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA, USA 1977), then follow with international institution with Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) with 34 countries as a member, United Nation Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) with 168 members countries, World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the last United Nation Global Compact (UNGC) clearly announce with number ten principle is Anti Corruption.
United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) stated that corruption has negative impacts the enjoyment of all human rights or civil, political, economic, social and cultural, as well as the right to development, which underscores the indivisible and interdependent nature of human rights. Specific negative impact on enjoyment of human rights is common people who relying on public service and public goods, they lack alternatives private service and so on. Many studies also indicate a strong correlation between corruption and poverty and the poorest population are those who
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That is a clear indication from educational influence and is a part of the system. Corruption is a process and it can not eliminate directly. It should be through a process also to eliminate the corruption. Education institutional has an important role to create a student whose become a actor both individually or in organization on the next period. Ethics and moral behavior should be learning in education institution and implement after they all
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