Positive Achievements Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution is one of the biggest and positive achievement that this world has experienced. Despite the challenges being faced from the move, a human being has seen more achievements compared to challenges. The industrial revolution led to the mechanization of many tools that were used in doing work (Stearns 61). Moreover, those regions with industries grew up to become urban centers as compared to the earlier period when the entire land was a rural area. This period marked the change to the powered and special purpose machines, factories and the mass production of goods. The textile and the iron industries, along with the invention of the steam engine were crucial steps achieved during the industrial revolution. Moreover, the…show more content…
Before families lived as communities in the rural areas but industrial revolution led to urbanization, which attracted different people from different cultures to come to the towns in search of work, and they ended up living together, forming new societies (Freeman & Louçã 83-116). Economically, many countries have experienced the development of infrastructures such as the transport and communication sector, the health sector, and the agricultural sector, which have promoted good living standards for the citizens of these countries (Jovane, F., et al. 641-659). On the political front, countries were able to form governments since they were able to sustain their economies. The style of politics also improved from the ancient dictatorial system to the modern day democracy.
Consequently, the current environmental problems are as a result of the development of industrial society since the industrial revolution. Successive industrial revolutions have since increased man’s capacity to transform nature though in high capacity have impacted to the environment negatively. In effect, the most distinct negative environmental impacts include air pollution, water pollution and noise
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In effect, smog and soot produced by the burning coal had serious impacts on the environment as it resulted in the formation of acid rain that was first discovered in the 1850s. Therefore negatively impacting on plants, soil, fish and forests. Moreover, the invention of motor vehicles during the industrial revolution impacted on the environment negatively (Belden, 2001). As much as it made transport convenient, these motor vehicles emitted harmful gases and sulfur nitrogen compounds to the atmosphere which in turn have contributed to global warming. Furthermore, particle pollution which resulted from a mixture of ash, diesel exhaust, metals, chemicals and aerosols from automobile machines like cars caused air
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