Positive And Negative Aspects Of Globalization

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Monika Rani Das John Remarek Language and Composition Group: Diamond 7 March 2018 Is globalization has negative aspect grater that positive aspect? Some people these days have started to notice negative sides such as losing culture and damage economic structure which can make our world the worst place to live. Nevertheless, most people out there are making this world a better place with the all positive aspect of globalization by which people are getting benefit such as knowledge about new culture and economic development. Having number of positive aspect of globalization, this world seems more progressive. So, I strongly believe that as people like globalization a lot and its positive impact is welcomed by most people out there, it has positive aspect much more than its negative aspect. First of all, these days’ people are trying to save their culture. The expedition of globalization is responsible for losing culture. People are having taste of different kinds of food and using different kind of dresses. It has become easy to get similar goods such as food like chips, coco cola, and burgers due to the trade. This wide availability of getting these foods can make a person interested to eat outside. As a result, people are less interested to their cultural food whichever cooked at home. It is leading them to loss their own culture (Gerware, How globalization effects our cultural Identity?). Therefore, in the past people used to wear traditional dress in everywhere.
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