Positive And Negative Aspects Of Globalization

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The global market is far more developed than in the sixties and the seventies and is now indifferent to the boundaries of countries, which have lost much of the power they once had, as well as politicians have lost their ability to influence events occurring in a specific country. The level of world trade is in fact much higher today than at any other time, and includes a growing number of goods and services, but the real difference is in the level of cash flows and capital. Globalization is the political, cultural and technological, as well as economic, and has spread especially with the development of communication systems that have revolutionized the way we interconnect. E communication is not only a way to transmit news or information faster; its existence changes the way we see our lives, as well as the rich and poor. A very good example is a well-known figure such as Nelson Mandela, people would not know him if what was not shown in the global environment. Another main trend of communication that is evolving so much in the years is clearly due to innovation which is the key feature that makes our life advance to the future. It is wrong to think that globalization affects only large systems, such as the global financial order: it does not touch only what is "out", distant from the individual, but it is also an internal phenomenon, which affects the intimate aspects and personal lives. Globalization means many other countries are asserting themselves and trying to take
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