Positive And Negative Effects Of A Romantic Relationship

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Have you ever wondered what made human evolve? Throughout human history, the most effective way of human evolution is perhaps a simple romantic relationship between men and women. It is formed when two different sexes approach each other and acquired trust, reliability and enthusiasm from each other. In the next stage, they reproduce and this process will be repeated in next generation. A romantic relationship can be found in every corner on our planet: in schools, on the street or at home. Although it is so relevant and common in our daily lives, most people are still unsure about its effects. In short, a romantic relationship causes both positive and negative effects.
According to Medical Express, a reputable website which provide medical researches, “Having a . . . partner in a relationship is beneficial for health no matter whether the status of the couple is dating, living together or married” (Flurry). Falling in love with a person can actually improve one’s health situation. When a man approaches an attractive person and develops a relationship, his reproductive system will automatically secrete sex hormones which plays a powerful role in our body. One kind of the sex hormones, testosterone, is closely related to men’s personality, mood and aggression. Therefore, it will influence a man by alleviating anger, providing a better control of mood, and showing more passion. On the other hand, a woman’ s body secrete estrogen, from the ovaries. This kind of hormones is able

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