Positive And Negative Effects Of Bullying

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Everyone has a bully in their school, some people may think that they are harmless, but bullying is not harmless at all. In the 1950’s-1980’s bullying was know as “kids being kids.” Through our time bullying took a new meaning. 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. The results of bullying are considerably greater than they were in the 1950’s-80’s. It has not changed for the better. Losing sleep, depression and self harm are a few negative impacts. The emotional, mental, and physical effects bullying has taken a toll on students. They are not being benefited from it, this teasing is no longer harmful. Bullying is unnecessary and causing harm to students emotionally, mentally, and physically. Students are becoming increasingly unstable due to the excessive amount of physical bullying in their everyday lives. The constant aggressive attacks and degrading comments made by bullies affect the emotional state of the victim. “When children experience bullying they have a tendency to become emotionally withdrawn.” The victims hide their emotions and fall into a depressive state, excluding themselves from their family and friends. Withdrawing from society is not the only emotional reaction victims have to bullying. Expressing anger and rage is a frequent result of bullying. Parents may witness a change in their child 's behavior, they may become short-tempered, withdrawn, and angry. Emotional changes don 't just affect the victim while they 're still in school, it

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