Positive And Negative Effects Of Communication Media

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Communication, in general, is undoubtedly inevitable in our daily lives. It is the major key to interact with one another, knowing the fact that human beings are social creatures. Inventions have been made specifically for communication purposes, focusing on making the whole process easier and wider in area reachability. As we all can reflect on media nowadays, it is no wonder why technology has played such a huge role in society and affected us. Therefore, there are several effects, both positive and negative, of growing communication media in daily life. Over the years, the communication media has evolved in many ways. For a fairly long time, people have already discovered conventional media that we still use up until now, such as TV, newspaper, radio, etc. However, at the same time, inventions were still made and developed. Back in he 80s, most people were familiar and active users of pagers or beepers and cellular phone. Pager is a small telecommunication device that receives short messages, whereas cellular phone is basically a normal headphone but much less sophisticated. In the 90s, handphones with slightly better improvement are getting popular and Internet is emerged from the ground to the public. As for 2000s until now, Internet has the biggest role in most kinds of communication media, such as social networking websites, instant messaging, e-newspaper and so forth. As far as common sense goes, the main goal of this growing communication media is to make our life

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