Positive And Negative Effects Of Communism

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While the idea of Communism is to create a economic state where the bourgeoisie is dissolved, the proletarians are treated as equals, and there is no more government, in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Cambodia Communism did not benefit the countries like the ideology behind Communism should have. In the USSR and Cambodia, the citizens were stripped of their human rights, forced to work on collective farms, and were killed for being “enemies” of the state.
In the Soviet Union, Communism was favored by the proletarians because of the dentromental consequences of the Industrial Revolution. In the late 19th century, the ruler of Russia, Tsar Nicholas the second, believed that Russia was falling behind the other countries in terms for being a modern society and being able to usable materials that is not just producing farming goods. The Industrial
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Many working class citizens turned to Communism since the principle of communism is to have everyone as equals and a classless society. The promise of being treated better than they were at this time was enough for the USSR citizens to stand behind Vladimir Lenin during the initial stages of Communist Revolution in Russia. The promise of equality was short lived when Lenin and future Communist
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