Positive And Negative Effects Of Correcting Students

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Many researchers try to figure out the effects of correcting students on their psychology and on their language learning process. It has been discussed that whether correcting students is useful or a waste of time.
First, in order to be able to discuss positive and negative sides of correcting students, we should highlight the difference between "mistake" and "error". Mistakes are natural and performance based, they are generally accidental and come out through a slip of tongue. On the other hand, errors occur due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, mistakes might be corrected by the students, whereas, the students will not be able to correct the errors due to insufficiency or incompetence.
Some researchers claim that correcting errors is feedback and give information about their performance, increase motivation and build a supportive classroom climate. Although, correction is seen as a vital part of teacher 's role and it helps the leraner to induce or figure out the right form of a rule, it is important to have a look at whether the students like to be corrected or not. Some researches have showed that most students do want their mistakes to be corrected since it is necessary for their improvement. According to another research, almost all the participants agree that grammatical error correction is vital to develop their accuracy and they agree that the correction of the errors is necessary in order to enhance their fluency and accuracy in the language. An effective error

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